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Construction General Permit

The Clean Water Act and Federal regulations require construction site operators to obtain NPDES permit coverage for regulated land disturbances and associated discharges of stormwater runoff to State waters.

Effective April 1, 2011, ADEM established General NPDES Permit No. ALR100000 for discharges associated with regulated construction activity that will result in land disturbance equal to or greater than one acre or from construction activities involving less than one acre and which are part of a common plan of development or sale equal to or greater than one acre.

Construction site operators / owners seeking coverage under this general permit must submit a Notice of Intent (NOI) in accordance with the permit requirements.

Operators / owners of all regulated construction sites must implement and maintain effective erosion and sediment controls in accordance a Construction Best Management Practices Plan (CBMPP) prepared and certified by a Qualified Credentialed Professional (QCP). For priority construction sites, which include any site that discharges to (1) a waterbody which is listed on the most recently EPA approved 303(d) list of impaired waters for turbidity, siltation, or sedimentation, (2) any waterbody for which a TMDL has been finalized or approved by EPA for turbidity, siltation, or sedimentation, (3) any waterbody assigned the Outstanding Alabama Water use classification in accordance with ADEM Admin. Code r. 335-6-10-.09, and (4) any waterbody assigned a special designation in accordance with ADEM Admin. Code r. 335-6-10-.10, the CBMPP must be submitted to ADEM for review along with the NOI.

Alabama Construction General Permit, April 1, 2021
ALR100000 - 2021 Permit Changes

Construction Permits Section Area Staff Assignment Map

Construction General Permit Forms
CGP - Draft Notice of Intent
CGP - Inspection Report
CGP - Notice of Noncompliance
CGP - Termination Request

Available Beginning September 21, 2020: AEPACS
The Alabama Environmental Permitting and Compliance System (AEPACS) is an electronic system that allows operators to apply for permits as well as submit other required applications, registrations, and certifications. In addition, the system allows operators to submit required compliance reports or other information to the Department.

ADEM's construction general permit requires the registrant to post and maintain facility identification. The registrant is required to post a sign at easily accessible location(s) to identify the site. The registrant may use this example sign or create and use a sign with equivalent identifying information.
Example Facility ID Sign

Permit Fee Schedule D

Updated ADEM CBMPP Template

ADEM CBMPP Template Instructions

AL Handbook for Erosion Control, Sediment Control and Stormwater management on Construction Sites and Urban Areas

Low Impact Development Handbook for the State of Alabama

Priority Construction Sites
Construction sites discharging directly to these waters, and those within any identified watershed areas, will be required to submit a CBMPP with any request for permit coverage. For waters where only the stream segment is identified, ADEM may still, on a case-by-case, designate sites within the surrounding watershed as priority construction sites. Contact the Department for additional guidance.

Construction Stormwater GIS Files

How to Upload Construction Stormwater GIS Files to Google Earth

Alabama 303(d) list of Impaired Waters

Information on Alabama TMDLs

Qualified Credentialed Inspector Training

ADEM currently recognizes the following QCI Training Programs:

Homebuilders Association of Alabama (HBAA)
HBAA Qualified Credentialed Inspector (QCI) training program

Thompson Engineering, Inc. (TEI)
Thompson Engineering, Inc. (TEI) Qualified Credentialed Inspector (QCI) training program

Erosion Pros, LLC
Erosion Pros, LLC

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